Afgelopen zaterdag verscheen samen met die frisse tape van Spektral een niet te missen interview op Crack For Your Eyes/Ears (kortweg Hieronder het begin van het interview. Wil je de rest ook lezen,.. check het hier.

It tastes like butter, smells as new shoe polish and feels like a hang over on wednesday. Vettig & Morsig is famous in holland (and beyond) for their mixtape series. It has an inspector "go go" gadget feel to it. From one sound wave to another they are exploring the sonic spectrum and invites the listener with them on this musical journey. We at CFYE are huge fans of the collective. So we decided to hook them up with some server space to host all the mixtapes.Today, an interview with Milosz,one of the key players of the Vettig & Morsig crew.

"We know that we got a lot of potential so
the most important thing is to get people to find out about us"

For those who are unfamiliar with you and the collective, give us a brief background on the magic called Vettig & Morsig.

Vettig & Morsig brings you a tasty mix of fresh French bangers, the best of British Fidget and everything else that makes that makes your mouth water like rough Electro, Baile Funk, Kuduro and Baltimore. I personally always see Vettig & Morsig as a superdirty fastfood restaurant.Back in early 2007, I made a mixtape and called it "Vettig & Morsig". I mixed it primarily for myself and for some of my friends on the internet. For some of those it was an eye-opener, probably because it showed that there was a lot more out there then just Crookers or Justice. I got some requests for a follow-up and this resulted in the formation of the DJ-crew we have today. On a monthly basis we release a brand new episode on our website and from now on, these will also be available at CFYE.

Who are your key players and what are their roles?

The Vettig & Morsig DJ-crew consists of 7 DJ's: Spektral, Cheveuxmaison, Milez, Tron, Man Eat DJ and Jizm (combined as Mightyfools) and myself, Milosz. One of the reasons behind the success is probably that we all put a different meaning to the term Vettig & Morsig. We add our own flavors but still we keep it as dirty and fat as possible. Spektral and Cheveuxmaison give it a more (melodic) French touch, Mightyfools and Milez are more into Fidget and Baltimore, Tron gives it a nice electro twist and I go for some rough electronic madness with sometimes a little Baile Funk to soothe your eardrums.

How did you come up with the tasty name?

When I was uploading the first episode I needed to come up with something that attracted attention, a name that made people wonder what to expect. For those who don't understand Dutch: Vettig & Morsig translates as Greasy & Dirty. The word morsig isn't word you hear very often. A lot of Dutch youngsters don't even know what it means. Looking back, I never imagined that the name I made up in a split-second would end up on flyers and t-shirts.
What drove you guys to come up with the concept?The concept was created along the way. We didn't come up with something and then show it to the world. Maybe a bit of a chliché but it started with a lot of love for music and that's still the main driving force. And ofcourse,..without the support of our fans we never would have come this far!!

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